22./23/09/2018   *Installation & Projection of new „Signs of Life“ tableaux in Zurich*

06/2017   *Projection of „Signs of Life“ series @Moon Exhibition at Forward Festival in Munich and Zurich*

05/2016   *Solo Exhibition Flow Series* @Villa Diana, Thalwil/ZH

05/2015   *Award for two photographs* of #dasischzürich in Zurich

08/2014   *Solo Exhibition Ancianos*, Mexico City @[ R.A.T. ] Artist Residency for Exchange


06/2014  *AMEXCID grant SRE*, Academic Scholarship CRUS Program 2014 for Artists

04/2014  *Artist Residency in D.F. Mexico* for the Ancianos project @[ R.A.T. ] this year

12/2013  *Da Markt* Art Fair @Cabaret Voltaire Zurich – view Exhibitions

12/2013  *Publication* of Calle Zaragoza , Mexico in DiePerspektive.chPublications 


10/2013  *Publication* of Morocco Series in, Klischee Marokko

02/2013  *Photography Design Items now available @Swiss National Museum in Zurich*

07/2012  *La Biznaga Solo Exhibition* Pepenadores, Calle ZaragozaAsilo Municipal series, Oaxaca, Mexico

07/2012  *Book Contribution*, Ancianos, Mary Ellen Mark’s „Oaxaca 2012“ book by FalklandRoad

06/2012  *Museo Manuel Alvarez Bravo Group Exhibition Oaxaca, Mexico *Ancianos*

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**Successful participant of the Master Class of Mary Ellen Mark (†) 2012 @Manuel Alvarez Bravo Photographic Center**

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