*Photography Originals* Limited Editions 0010_BlueHour_I
From size 0.50m x 0.75m up; view: Gallery
High definition Lambda prints mounted on aluminium, base and acrylic plexiglass.
All limited editions 1/7. Prints availability and details via:


*Workprints* of all original pictures available
Size 0.20m x 0.30m (0.10m x 0.30m for 2-pictures Tableau, Signs of Life, and 0.07m x
0.30m for 3-pictures Tableau
), each chf 55 (unframed) – view: Gallery


*Photobox* – my mobile studio @your location/celebration
For self- or classical portraits as great memories of your best times.Fotobox_II


*Book Flow* available


Please be in touch for assignments, portrait commissions, image usage and prints availability directly via:


**Successful participant of the Master Class of Mary Ellen Mark 2012 @Manuel Alvarez Bravo Photographic Center, Oaxaca, Mexico**

Elvira Kaspar  |  Photography  |  Zurich  |  Switzerland  |  |  + 41 78 661 67 88 




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